Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Spring in Toronto

Although I thought my active participation in AIESEC is having a decreasing tendency and I have been slowly getting ready for my internship, I eventually tried to apply for MC CEED in Canada. It worked out, so I'll be on the move again... you never know in AIESEC:)

At first I wasn't sure if I'd be posting on regular basis, but eventually I decided to do so. As usual, writing a blog not only saves your time, but also stores nice memories, so please let me welcome you at (this blog will be only dedicated to my stay in Canada).

Czech corner
Aby byl blog vice mezinarodni, bude plus minus kazdy post obsahovat nejake postrehy psane cesky. Snad se novy koncept osvedci:)

Friday, 25 May 2007

Summer in Rotterdam

At the beginning of May, I received an e-mail offering the opportunity to become the AI CEEDer. OK, sounds interesting:) Basically there were two positions opened:
> AI System Admin CEEDer - IT administration at the AI office
> AI Tempus project CEEDer - related to the educational Tempus project
I was keen on applying for both positions, because both of them reflected my interests in specific ways.

Despite the limited amount of free time during the exam period, I managed to submit the application on time, 2 hours before DDL:-)
Well... and it worked out!!! So I’m going to spend this summer on the headquarters of AIESEC International in Rotterdam.

You can

Sunday, 26 November 2006

V for Venice, city of masks and pigeons

Last weekend in November I spent in Italy, in Venice. The journey with Student Agency was very convenient, the only problem was that we arrived in Venice in 1:30 a.m., 5 km from our hotel (by highway)... the only possibility was taking a taxi for €20 (3x more than journey from CR to Italy and back:-)) The positive thing was the hotel itself, which was very comfortable and fancy!

In the historical centre, we found two Madonna's streets, so I couldn't have missed the opportunity to try some new cool poses:

Apart from Madonna, the city was also full of carnival masks and other fine stuff (e.g. the mask of the Cat from Shrek 2 or luxury underwear). I eventually bought small mask resembling Mr. V. from "V for Vendetta"... it was impossible not to think about the creation of this blog;-)

St. Mark's square with the St. Mark's cathedral (which was actually unbelievably magnificent) was occupied by hundreds (or even thousands) of pigeons... Some random pedestrians were completely covered with them, but pigeons feared me - so I have to put a piece of bread on my hand to make at least one brave guy sit on my hand. Really cool feeling... except for stinky surprise you find on your sleeve afterwards;-)

On the last picture, you can see the station of "water bus" (€5) which we tried instead of "water taxi" (€40) or famous gondola (€60). But it was pretty much the same... water like water:-)

PS: can you see the large globe in the center, so similar to the one from Madonna's Confessions Tour? ;-)

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Madonna LIVE in Prague!!

Huh, really crushing show!! You must see it, hear it, feel it - simply live it to know what I'm writing about... but anyway, I'm gonna try to share with you some of my stunning experience.

...well, there is so much to say:-)... so here I'll write about the show in general and in the another post you will find the review with the most interesting comments and pictures from various parts, OK? One more thing at the beginning - all the pictures in these posts have been taken by me (mobile phone) or Paja's camera!!

I left the dorm with Zuzka and Paja at 4 p.m. on 7th September 2006, heading to Sazka Arena, where Fabian, Starosta and his friend Michal joined us. At 18:00 they let us inside. The show started in cca 3,5 hours - around 9,30 p.m.

Our position was by the end of the catwalk/runway (as Madonna says) ... its edge was reachable by hand!! It took a lot of effort to hold this positions till the very end, because of passionate crowds:-)

During the show, there have been many moments which are fascinating me even now... first of them was the professionalism in everything:

Choreography - I know what I disliked on Madonna's last tour, that she was either singing/dancing alone or in a group of 15 people... Here it was absolutely balanced - she performed single, in duo, with one/two co-dancers, with all 11 dancers... each step trained in the deepest detail - enjoyable stuff;-)

Music - it wasn't just song by song... and good bye. Many of her songs were remixed for the purposes of this show. La Isla Bonita in a faster beat, astonishing remix of Sorry, many prolonged versions so as to make the atmosphere even more thrilling!!

Movies - video effects everywhere - on 4 screens in the front, on 2 screens overhead, on 3 "floor-screens" on the runways... What was very interesting were the front screens - there were 3 large squared screens and one giant rectangular screen - all of them kept changing place continuously, which was in combination with all other effects source of unique atmosphere during each song!

Lights - hundreds of lights (as usual on concerts) where shinning all over the Sazka Arena - even making shapes in the audience. But what matters most is that each song preserved its typical atmosphere - light intensity, speed, color, direction - these all made each song really unique.

Details - on the stage as well as on the runway, there was many "holes/lifts" by which Madonna and her dancers were entering and leaving the stage very smoothly to (dis)appear in the right time, again - scheduled on seconds!! Golden party-balloons falling down during the last song, were also very cool present for the audience.

What I appreciated most apart from professionalism was the coherence of all these elements - everything you heard was somehow "visible" on the screens, floors, simply all around... and vice versa.

Timing was very sophisticated aspect of the show! Nothing went conventionally: the show started with horses on the screens, then Madonna appeared on the screens, then Madonna started to talk to the audience "from the screens", then the large glittering globe slowly descended from the ceiling, then the music was graduating, then the globe (2,5 m far!!) opened... Madonna smiled to the audience and carried on singing LIVE!!! Unbelievable!!

Finishing the show with Lucky Star combined together with Hung Up into neverending 15-minute performance during which Madonna's dancers even jumped into the audience, Madonna herself changed her clothes and in the very end the large screen covered them all and faded-out... just perfect and so powerful, that any additional bonus song would only spoil the atmosphere!!

Simply once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

- check how it was before the concert HERE.
- experience how the show went on HERE.
- read Paja's post (views from different angle) HERE.

Confessions Tour in Sazka Arena - MY REVIEW

Coming soon:-) Meanwhile, you can check these pictures... just to taste the atmosphere. They contain frames of short videos I took during the show with the mobile phone.

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

The time has come... to CONFESS!!

After 6 hours and 45 minutes of waiting in the queue for tickets on Friday 23rd June and next 74 days till 5th September, the time to confess has eventually come in Prague as well!

Madonna put up in Four Seasons hotel in the very centre of Prague! Confessions tour is going to be held in Sazka arena already the day after tomorrow!! Everything ie ready... just set off!!

My impressions from the show HERE.

Sunday, 20 August 2006

Summer times in Croatia

One week after my arrival home from Slovakia, I went for private holidays in Croatia (11th - 20th August), again after 5 years...!!

Tuesday 15th was the "sightseeing" day - we went to Dubrovnik in the southern part of the country, which was very beautiful town full of historical monuments (photo above) and in the afternoon we visited Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Apart from this, I spent whole week in the small town Gradac cca 150 km to the north from Dubrovnik. I was enjoying the sunny weather and decent nightlife, sunbathing on the beach, solving Sudoku and swimming in the sea, mainly beyond the main tourist sites...